creative direction & design

Creative Direction,

Concept & Photography

An effective way to capture the attention of a C-level executive? — tell them they are no longer in control. With the proliferation of digital tools and social media we let them know the real boss was their customer.

Art Direction: Dunthorpe Marketing

A series of full page ads in MacWorld that demonstrate how small business used the client's software. We used real businesses to keep the series genuine and portrayed them with interesting environmental photos.

Creative Direction,

Concept & Photographer

Strategy, Art Direction

& Image Compositing

A new company without a name. logo or website came to us for an identity. Their business created wall murals for retail environments but they had a problem — no samples! Each one of these samples was created from many pieces to match the aspect ratio of their new logo that we also created.

Design & Photography

With our background in the food business we enjoy clients that give us an opportunity to stay connected. These photos were captured for a restaurant website and then combined with graphics intended to mimic the colorful chalkboard specials they had on-site.

Brand Identity

& Design

A logo is the visual "bucket" where prospects and customers store their feelings and experiences about a brand. When they see the logo those feelings are recalled. Hopefully good feelings.

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